To now. One moment at a time

If there’s something important I’ve learned this year, it’s: “Live your life”.

Not tomorrow, not yesterday, not even today. You should live your life now: drink it chilled, breathe it in fresh, eat it while it’s hot, observe the whole palette, and feel the full range.

What is happening now is relevant only now – this water is here to satisfy this particular thirst. Most feelings are important and meaningful at the time they arise, but they will not have the same meaning at some distant future moment.

Don’t put off your now for tomorrow. Tomorrow will be another moment and another life. There will be other people, another sun, another air, another mood, another energy, another desire, and another opportunity.

Yesterday, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow. Notes, tasks, plans – all these things are just painted symbols and words. What is happening is real, and everything else is an illusion of the mind and imagination.

Plans should serve life. You should create plans around life, not build a life around plans. Plans and discipline are tools for organizing life. Life is the main thing here.

To be present. To love what is here and not to lose yourself in what is not.

Not to be perfect, but to be yourself. There is no other you, there is only the one that is. And you already have your inner compass and your feelings, and they matter because they matter to you.

Touching the present, reaching the real, listening to the inner silence, feeling it all dissolving somewhere deep in existence.

The magic is always here. There is no better life and no better tomorrow, no higher level, and nothing to look for. It’s all here, you just have to open your eyes and live what you already have.

If you really want it, you can. It doesn’t matter if it existed before. Achieving something has never been a problem. You can realize anything you want. The hardest thing is to understand what you really want.

To allow yourself, to accept, to be relaxed, to be open, to be present, to be patient, to trust and to be ready to give yourself to life when the opportunity comes.

Not to chase the best, but to be sensitive to the genuine.

Time, warmth, health, love, experience – the best things in life cannot be bought or gained. They are always there, but no one can live them for you.

There will be no other time to live yourself at 27, 33, 1, 4 or 96. Every moment is beautiful in its own way, every moment is the best the world can give. All that remains is to accept, feel, see what is already there, what is here, what is now.

For some people, your life is a dream life. And the point is not that you don’t appreciate it. There are too many people in the world who don’t allow themselves to live themselves.

To be brave. No matter what choice you face, choose life. No matter what the winds of the past have brought – choose love.

Choose an adventure, choose the unknown. To live and experience, not to read and learn.

A life in which everything is known is a dead life. The more plans and expectations we have – the more frameworks and ballast we carry with us through life, and the harder it is to be here and respond to the moment.

Not to live today, but live to now. Live life to the fullest, one moment at a time.

Not because there may not be another moment, but because this moment is genuine and it is happening now.

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