One more year

All I can and should say. Thank you. For one more year.

It has been… different: happy, challenging, nervous, brave, risky, relaxed, gentle, patient, hot, warm, cold, caring, sad, happy, melancholy, hopeful, vital.

This year was what it was. And I am grateful that this story will continue for now.

I was not a good boy, and life does not have to give me gifts – I am only looking for opportunities. And I will enter the right door myself. I will knock, and I will be happy if the door is opened.

I think… I just… Like everyone… I want to live and love my life.

I don’t want to claim any title. I am both good and bad – for whomever, whenever. Because in reality, I am just me – a human being named Shukhrat.

I was and will be different for different people, at different times, in different moments, in different stories. I just try to live the way I feel. And live these feelings in the present.

Do what I can and let things happen.

If I could have acted differently, I would have acted differently. But I am here and now, in the place where I am. This is my story, these are my actions, these are my intentions. It happened the way it happened, and I am grateful that it happened that way.

Have there been things in my life that I can feel bad about? Yes. Have I done things that I am ashamed of? Sure. Will I continue to do so? Of course I will. Because I’m just a person who lives an unpredictable life.

My intentions are simple.

To live this life good, to live according to what I feel, to nurture love, wisdom, sensuality and understanding. Every time living the moments fully, giving myself in work, giving myself in conversation, giving myself in any interaction, just like a tree gives the world its best fruit.

And maybe a seed will sprout somewhere, and from it a new tree will grow, and from it many others – also good, wise, free fruits. And the present will become a little better place for everyone.

In the meantime, I am grateful to the world for one more year.

Thank you for all these wonderful people. Thank you for all this life experience. Thank you for this life I have.

And please, Universe, give people more consciousness.

So that everyone can just live their best life and share their fruits and flowers with each other.

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