No one ever knows

I also wanted to believe that everything has a reason. We are taught this from childhood.

To explain, to find arguments, to believe in connections, to seek safety, to avoid mistakes, to want confirmation.

Everyone wants to believe that something is happening because it must be so. “It has to make sense.”

But in reality, things just happen in life, and most of these things are random.

Because meaning appears only when we create it. Meaning is what we give to our lives.

For some people, a brush is a wooden stick and a piece of wool, while for others it is an extension of the hand and a tool for creating masterpieces.

For some, a phone is a way to escape reality, and for others, it is another tool of self-expression.

But can you know for sure how your idea will be realized? Can you know what the result will be? Or what kind of troubles might happen in the process?

No one knows anything. I’ve been watching this all my life.

No one ever knows how to create something that hasn’t existed before. But that’s the whole point. Life is interesting when it is unknown.

You choose to go your own way, or you have to tread the paths of others. Creating means jumping into the unknown, and following your own adventure.

There is no faculty of life experience. No one will teach you how to be yourself. No one will tell you what will make you happy. No one will find your joys for you. No one knows what this path should be. No one ever knows for sure.

“Adults” pretend to know the meaning, and play their adult games. Children do not pretend, because for them the game itself is the meaning.

Children don’t want to follow in the footsteps of adults, because for them this path has already been explored.

Our belief in “knowledge” is another way to avoid reality. To get rid of responsibility for my life, to give someone my precious choices.

All our norms and rules are just a way to squeeze someone else’s experience into one universal framework. It’s our game in someone else’s sandbox.

If a serious face and a set of frameworks that limit your life experience make your life happier, then it makes sense.

Otherwise, you’ve chosen the wrong game.

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