Imagine that your life is a gift. And all this existence that is happening around is also a gift. And it is a gift because it already exists.

Everything you want already exists, it is already here for you. You only need to find your way, you only need to go through this experience – just live your journey, jump into this adventure.

But do not forget that you are also a part of this Universe. Existence is also you, and you are also existence. And everything you do is your gift to life.

Among billions of accidents, this one is actually happens. This moment is the only one that exists. And in this cocktail of possibilities, you are having this because this is how I express my experience.

Life gives us the best it can give us right now. We are also life, and we also participate in this exchange.

What happens is real, what we feel is real. Close your eyes and try to feel everything that is happening around – all the colours, all the sounds, all the touches, all the smells, whole this space and all the vibrations…

I can’t. Because what the world has prepared for me is much richer than I can take. The world is so rich for me… And it’s not about papers in my pocket or numbers in someone’s spreadsheet. It’s about the experience that already exists. It’s about a journey that is already happening.

Imagine that this world is a gift for you. And everything you do is your gift to the world. Being here and living this life is the most generous present possible. You are alive, it’s your ongoing meditation. This nature, people, this life, it is all gifted. You are gifted. Now live with it.

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