Who am I not to try?

Life goes on regardless of whether we participate in it or not. Time flows through our fingers and the only thing that matters is what choice we make.

I often asked myself this question in my youth.

After all, who am I to not allow myself to live a life I won’t regret?

When you are still a child and you often have to go through pain, losses, humiliation, poverty, and your relatives die one by one on your eyes – you begin to perceive the world differently. Thoughts appear in your head that neither your peers nor even their parents can understand.

It is difficult to explain in words. People don’t talk about such things at school or during family dinners.

Life is finite – and all those people who yesterday spent their time dreaming about something else – today they no longer exist. I remember how they told me their wishes, and how inside I felt the fire of resistance, because I knew that they were not going to realize these wishes. Then it was difficult for me to turn these feelings into words. Life is for living! Appreciate the moment, because there may not be another.

Life is finite. Life goes on regardless of our participation in it. People die, and flowers continue to bloom. The people you loved yesterday are lying in the ground, and spring is beginning to change winter.

Regardless of whether you are living your best life or not, time continues, the clock ticks, space flies through your fingers, the world continues to exist.

Life gives you an opportunity, and you question everything. You know what you want, you know what makes you happy. After all, what will warm your soul when the time of life comes to an end?

But you continue to choose something else, not to do it, to protect your comfort zone, to accumulate a belly and a sense of security.

What if you try? What if you swim with that stormy current, and what if you are conscious enough to control the flow of life? And what if you will succeed? And what if not on the first try? Will you try?

I also ask myself these questions and go where my soul calls me. Because who am I not to try? Who am I to go against my own life? Who am I to postpone my present for tomorrow? Who am I to hide my dreams from myself? Who am I to deceive my soul?

I am no longer a child, but the simple truths that came to me in my youth live with me even now.

You don’t need to be a Buddha to understand that life time is limited, and physical energy is not infinite. You don’t need to be a Nobel laureate to understand that putting off your dreams for the day after tomorrow will not make you happy today. Dreams are for to live them. Dreams are to realize them.

Who are you? A dreamer who makes a mistakes and lives with them further, or a humble servant of other people’s desires?
Make your choice! Do It! Do it right now! And if it suddenly seems to you that you were wrong – it’s not scary. You can always turn around and go in the direction in which your life leads you next. It’s not scary to make a mistake, it’s scary not to live!

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