The compass is inside you

Every time I listened to my heart, I found myself in the place where I wanted to be. Each of us has a compass that shows the direction - the road to a place full of life and sensations.

We were sitting in the living room and L. found out that we will not just fly to Portugal, but also do it for long time. He knew that we bought tickets, but he did not think that it was only one-way.

He was very surprised, looked at me and M. and said: “Everything is correct. The compass is inside you. Do it – nothing is holding you back, you have both the opportunity and the time. Do not repeat my mistakes. You can look at other people to understand how not to live. But just listen to your own compass. I support you.”

These were very important words for us. L.’s words are always sincere words, from a person who loves life and lives with his soul.

But there are relatives who do not like our idea very much – because it is not organized, not safe, reckless and childish.

But it is ours, and it is not just an idea – it is a cherished dream. And what can be more alive, vulnerable and real than cherished dreams?

When we live in harmony with ourselves, when we are empty and attentive enough to hear ourselves – we always feel how our body, heart, and soul react to certain events.

Every time I went against this feeling, I hurt myself and others. I was getting valuable experience in understanding what I don’t want. But every time I followed the call of my heart, it led me to the place where I wanted to be.

Life gives me signals. And if my compass says that the signals come from “that” side. So who am I to ignore this flow of my life?

We were lucky – we both dreamed of living by the ocean, and both thought of Portugal. Our compass points in one direction. And even if we make a mistake, even if we fail, even if at one point we learn that this is not the final goal, but only a small part of it – this is the call of our souls, which want to live, feel, experience, and not regret what we so wanted and never tried.

Your compass is inside you. Will you follow the calling of your heart?

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