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There are 17 days left until Portugal.

The last days were crazy. Very intense, full of feelings, and understanding.

A lot of things are in the past – I’m giving away everything that should stay here and what we can’t take with us. It is nice not to be dependent on social institutions and feel the freedom of life, time and space.

I plunge deeper and deeper into the feeling and understanding of life. I write about things that are difficult to describe in words. Now I think less and feel more. These feelings do not always fit into words. Especially when I live more and more often in silence, observing reality and its reflection in me.

The less I live with my mind and body, the further I go into the deep world of feelings. Magic is happening around me, and I am a part of this performance. I am alive, I thank the Universe for what I am, for the fact that we are all realized here today, for the fact that we can live ourselves through this experience.

When I open my notes, I still often do not know what I will write about. Sometimes this stream flows through me, and sometimes I am not open and relaxed enough to life.

I feel that morning pages make me better. Now every morning I think about what I’m grateful to the Universe for, I think about what I love about myself and my life, what I’m grateful for the people and experiences I have in my life, and what I really want. But this is only one of three pages, and then I just give myself to my feelings and let the words pour out through me on paper – often deep thoughts are waiting for me there.

Life – everything I write is about life. The only thing that makes sense is to live your life. Being happy is the only way to live a life worth living. We are here, we have an invaluable gift – the opportunity to realize ourselves through the experience of life. But we go too far from ourselves, we do not live in ourselves. It feels like people are being lured out of their bodily homes to fill their minds with junk and bend them to someone else’s will.

There is only this day, there is only this moment. And everything else is just my thoughts.
Today I live as attentive as possible to life. I don’t think much in the classical sense of the word – I feel.

I like to have fruits for breakfast. I feel such a strong surge of energy as if I drank strong puerh. My body takes this food so well, I feel it rejoices.

Life has taught me a lot during these six months. Thanks to what I experienced, I feel better now, and I know what I want and what I don’t want. I am grateful for meeting all these people. Sometimes it seems to me that they are all my guardian angels.

I solemnly swear that I am only up to no good.
I’m going into the unknown. I want to live. I don’t want to watch the time of life slip through my fingers anymore. I believe that everyone is here to be happy, because otherwise it all makes no sense.

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