Be brave and trust your feelings

There is a month left before our departure to Portugal.

I want to share my path and what is happening around. Maybe it will inspire someone to live their best life, or not to repeat my mistakes.

I am telling the story “as it is”, as I feel it.

I thought about it a lot. To do daring things, to be real, to live according to yourself – in fact, it means being brave and vulnerable at the same time.

I cannot remember a single person who fulfilled his dream without telling anyone about it. People we like, people whose lives we want to live, people who have succeeded – these are bold people.

You cannot become a musician without playing musical instruments and telling everyone else that you are not a musician. You cannot become an artist by saying that you cannot draw and your works are worthless.
But the point is not to tell someone about it, but to not deny it in yourself.

I’m just looking for the truth. And today my truth is to trust life and listen to my heart. Make mistakes, but live my own life. To write about what is true for me, to live in a country where I feel in my place, to do things that are consistent with my values.

It is evening outside, today I wrote a lot, ate fragrant but tasteless peaches, rode a bicycle, played sports, (I still don’t understand why) quarreled with a person dear to me, listened to silence and breathed.

I am grateful for the fact that I am alive, for the fact that I see, hear, feel, for the fact that I am healthy, for the fact that I have food and a roof over my head, for sweet memories, for my loved ones…

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