Be the master of your kingdom

You have a priceless gift that no money can buy. This gift belongs only to you. An immeasurable wealth that you do not realize.

Your hidden treasure is you. It is your body, your mind, your consciousness.

The body is your own kingdom – your lands, subjects and empire. The organs are your parts, like provinces, regions, and states. Each one works for the good of the whole, and generously shares the gifts of its labor.

Life force flows through your vessels, where lymph is underground sources, and capillaries are streambeds. Your blood is what you yourself have accepted as a gift. All the inhabitants draw energy from this source. Have you taken care of the purity of this river?

Every element, every cell of your body is your subjects. Do you feed, do you develop, do you give them your attention? Do you care, do you listen to what your inhabitants need? Would you like to be your own citizen, would you live happily in the country you rule?

You live in the outside world. You look outside – outside your kingdom. You are always on foreign trips. You’re a prince who abdicated his throne.

Return to your possessions, be here, be a wise king, listen, observe, appreciate what you have, protect your borders.

Your body is the fortress of your consciousness and the only home for your soul.

It is all for you, forever, from birth. Life can take away everything from you – status, environment, possessions. All those things that you appropriated and considered your own – do not belong to you.

But as long as you are alive, your body and mind will remain with you forever. This is your possession, be the master of your kingdom.

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